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When Voldemort took over The Ministry of Magic, what did the anti-Muggle propaganda pamphlets look like? What if we could watch recruitment videos The Order of the Phoenix made to try and recruit new members? If Hogwarts textbooks were real, how would they read?

These are the questions we invite you to ask, and answer, by creating and submitting "entries" - in the form of an image, text, video, sound clip, website or other creative means - and submitting it to the project to grow this into the most creative, online collaboration the Harry Potter fandom has ever seen.

It's Real for Us is a project built solely to extend the world of Harry Potter by inviting fans to contribute creative material that goes beyond what the books or films could provide. It's like a wiki or catalog filled with creative, in-character, high-quality content.

Mudbloods & the Dangers They Pose

Recent Entries

Take a peek through the most recent entries added to the It's Real for Us Project.

The Final Battle (Musical)

The Final Battle is a musical written by Lena Gabrielle, assisted by Mallory Vance, based on the final 200 pages of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

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Tales of Half-Breed Horrors

'The Tales of Half-Breed Horrors' was created to demonstrate the type of 'Pureblood propaganda' the Ministry of Magic would have sent to children during Voldemort's takeover.

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Tonks: Order of the Phoenix Recruitment Video

This video footage of Nymphadora Tonks Lupin is an example of what The Order of the Phoenix may have used to recruit new members and keep faith alive.

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Mudbloods & the Dangers They Pose

This 12-page informational pamphlet from the Ministry of Magic shows the type of strong anti-Muggle propaganda published by the government during Voldemort's takeover.

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